Guitar Chords
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One of the most needful instruments for guitarists is capo.

A capo is a clamp that stick on frets of the guitar to create a new nut at a higher or lower key ( Higher at the right and lower at the left ) Each fret on the guitar is a half step higher / half step lower than normal. if you put a capo on the 1st fret, will sound a half step higher and if you place the capo at the 2nd fret , will sound 1 step higher than normal.



Two main benefits from using Capo. : Able to play the original chord and place capo to help create sound higher or lower to match a song’s key with a vocalist’s singing range. : Allow much easier fingerings of basic chords, without changing the key, For example if you have a song that have a lot of sharp and flat like A#, D# and F, would be very difficult for beginner guitarists but for use a capo, make these chords much less difficult and simpler.



Capo create a half step higher note for each fret. if you place capo at the third fret, you will can fingerings of 3 chords lower sound than normal ( G, C and D ) This is a much simpler chord progression to play and capo that place at the 3rd fret, All the strings become correspondingly higher in pitch so you still can match song ’s key A#, D# and F

CapoCapo with Tuner

Capo Tuner

How to choose a capo. There are 3 main styles of capos available : The spring-loaded capos. : The C-clamp-style capos. : The Toggle Capos. The most popular is The spring-loaded capos, utilizes a spring-controlled handle that enables you to add or remove the capo quickly and can be clamped or unclamped with one hand but has Minor disadvantages, can not adjust amount of pressure applied to strings. Also if we have a capo. We can use with the ukulele. Although size does not fit very well, but can be used as well to not have to buy another one