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  • Capo


    How to use a capo and How to choose a capo capo for guitar capo tuner guitar capo acoustic guitar and electric guitar, A capo is a clamp that stick on frets of the guitar to create a new nut at a higher or lower key ( Higher at the right and lower at the left )

  • Slash Chords Guitar

    Slash Chords Guitar

    How to play slash chords, slash chords guitar & slash chords piano. Everyone must have seen chords that has a slash symbol [ / ]. Like this D/F#, C/G, G/B, A/C#, etc.

  • Guitar Fretboard

    Guitar Fretboard

    Fretboard, for those guitar beginners, memorizing each single note on guitar neck is so difficult. Imagine how many frets on the guitar, how can we possibly remember what note we are playing

  • Types of guitars used today list with pictures

    Types of guitars used today list with pictures

    Amazingly there are many types of guitars. For example Renaissance and Baroque guitar, Flamenco guitar, Flat-top guitar, Archtop guitar, Russian guitar, Portuguese guitar, etc. ...