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Slash Chords Guitar

Everyone must have seen chords that has a slash symbol [ / ]. Well the chords are look something like this D/F#, C/G, G/B, A/C#, etc. When you pronounce it, you pronounce as “slash” or “over”, for example C/G, it’s called “C slash G” or “C over G”. A lot of people misunderstood (including me here, in the past though hahaha), that they can play either chord, but actually it’s meant that you play the chord according to the note in front of [/] symbol and play the bass note for the note behind the [/] symbol.

For example, C/G meaning that you play normal C chord and you play the note G as the bass. Confusing, huh. Better look at the picture and you’ll understand.

C Chord GuitarC Chord

C Chord Guitar

C slash G ChordC/G Chord

Slash Chords

The 1st picture is normal C chord, and I’m assuming you all should be familiar. Generally you start strumming starting from the 5th string (this way you’ll get a C note as a base). While the C/G chord, you press the 3rd fret of the top E string, which is the note G. That’s it! This is you playing C chord with the G as the bass note.

Let’s try another example, on the left hand is the normal D chord, on the right you press additional note on 2nd fret of the E string and you’ll get F# as the bass note.

D chord guitarD chord

D chord guitar

D Slash F# ChordD/F# Chord

Slash Chords

What I wanna say to you guys is that there are so many chords, and so many different ways to play each chord. Knowing a little bit of music theory can help you a lot!! So that you wouldn’t have to just memorize every single things. i’m hoping this how-to will somehow help you enjoy playing guitar even more.

slash chords guitar
Slash Chords Guitar