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Guitar Chords Say What You Want

Chord by Mark Skuzzbull : 23 Sep 2013
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Say What You Want
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Say What You WantIntro : E | Emaj7 | C#m7/E | B6add9/E 

E                                   Emaj7        C#m7/E                              B6add9/E 
    20 seconds on the back time,             I feel you're on the run
A                                          G#m               F#m                             B   
    Never lived too long to make right,           I see you're doing fine.

           A                                               G#m 
* and, When I get that feeling, I can no longer slide,
I can no longer run, Ah no no, 
                                   A                    G#m 
And when I get that feeling, I can no longer hide,
             F#m                            B 
For it's no longer fun, Ah no no,

** Well you can say what you want but it won't change my mind
I feel the same, about you,
                       F#m                                    B 
And you can tell me the reasons but it won't change my feelings,
I feel the same, about you,

E                                          Emaj7        C#m7/E                          B6add9/E 
    What I am is what you want of me,      yeh now that I'm not there,
A                                 G#m             F#m                               B   
     I took the tables away for you,      it's turned that I don't care...

Repeat ( * , ** )

I've said goodnight try to sleep tight
A                    B 
      ah just dream of me
Go close your eyes cause I've closed mine, the sun will shine from time to time
A                           B 
    Oh when you dream of me, yeah

Repeat ( ** , ** , ** )