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Chord by GirlGirl : 26 Apr 2015
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SugarCapo on 1st fret

F                        Am 
I'm hurting baby, I'm broken down
Dm                                   C 
I need your loving, loving. I need it now.
F                                 Am 
When I'm without you. I'm something weak
Dm                            C 
You got me begging, begging. I'm on my knees. 

F                                                      Am                                     
* I don't wanna be needing your love. I just wanna be deep in your love. 
Dm                                             C 
And it's killing me when you're away
                F                                                               Am 
Ooh baby, cause I really don't care where you are. I just wanna be there where you are. 
Dm                                       C 
And I gotta get one little taste

         F            Am                        Dm                               C 
** Sugar.. Yes please. Won't you come and put it on on me
              F                    Am            Dm                            C 
Oh right here, cause I need. Little love and little sympathy.
F                                                  Am                   Dm                                         C 
Yeah you show me good loving. Make it alright. Need a little a sweetness in my life.
    F         Am                              Dm                             C 
Sugar.. Yes please. Won't you come and put it on on me

F                           Am 
My broken pieces. You pick them up. 
Dm                                                C 
Don't leave me hanging, hanging. Come get me some. 
F                              Am 
When I'm without ya. I'm so insecure. 
Dm                                                     C 
You are the one thing, the one thing. I'm living for.

Repeat * , **

I want that red velvet. I want that sugar sweet.
Gm                                C 
Don't let nobody touch it. Unless that somebody is me.
F                          Am 
I gotta be a man. There ain't no other way.
Dm                                      C 
Cause girl you're hotter than southern california bae
F                                             Am 
I don't wanna play no games. I don't gotta be afraid.
Dm                                         C 
Don't give all that shy sh-t. No make up on. That's my.

Repeat ** , **

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